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WACACO Picopresso Portable Espresso Maker -Ultra Fine grind

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  • With ultra-fine grind, the Picopresso produces emblematic creamy shots with dense flavors and stunning aromas. Picopresso is the most compact and pro-oriented of our portable espresso machines.
  • Thanks to the wide commercial coffee basket and super-fine coffee grounds, Picopresso produces an extraction akin to a lever espresso machine: rich, syrupy, and balanced. The authentic cafe-quality espresso will rival any expensive high-end machine.
  • This specialty coffee espresso machine features a naked portafilter, so users will see delicious creamy espresso flowing directly from a standard 52mm 18 grams stainless steel filter basket during the brewing process.
  • Manual operation only. No battery/electricity need. Designed for reliability, the Picopresso is the ultimate portable espresso machine. Made from metals and robust materials its crafting quality is second to none.
  • Noted: Commercial pre-ground coffee will not work well to extract a nice espresso with crema. The use of fresh coffee bean is highly recommanded for best result. Dialing-in (adjusting the grind size) is part of the process to achieve perfect extraction.

Binding: Kitchen

model number: Picopresso

Part Number: Picopresso

EAN: 4897066230764

Package Dimensions: 11.2 x 9.3 x 5.8 inches


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