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WACACO Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker bundled with Nanopresso Protective Case

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Color: Black


  • [BE YOUR OWN BARISTA] Achieving the perfect espresso shot is far from easy. The Nanopresso works best with finely ground coffee that is tamped hard. Thanks to its innovative construction and easy operation, Nanopresso will help you brew perfect cups with a nice and dense crema layer every time.
  • [GET THE BEST FROM IT] No battery/electricity needed. Manual operation only! Experience the pleasure of drinking high-quality espresso, from the first sip to the last drop, wherever you are. All you need for your next shot is ground coffee, hot water, and the Nanopresso machine.
  • [COMES WITH PROTECTIVE CASE] Nanopresso S-Case is made of durable EVA material and soft fabric interior lining (185x77x72mm / 7.23x3.05x2.85in). It is specially designed to fit around the Nanopresso without any attached accessories. The case helps protect from any bumps, scratches, and dust.
  • [EASY TO CLEAN] After each shot, Nanopresso maintenance takes only a few seconds. When necessary, every component of the portafilter is easily separated for deep cleaning.
  • Note: Package does not include any accessories! You can buy the NS Adapter accessory separately to make your Nanopresso machine compatible with Nespresso** Original capsules and most compatibles. Or buy the Barista Kit accessory separately for the Nanopresso machine to make double espresso shots. More exclusive accessories can be found through the description at the bottom of this page or the WACACO store.

Binding: Kitchen

Release Date: 20-12-2017

Model Number: 230078

Part Number: 230078



Coming from the legacy of one of the most creative and innovative portable espresso machines, Nanopresso redefines the genre and sets new standards. Incredibly beautiful and elegant, it looks every bit as powerful as it is. Once you get the grind right, this delivers great coffee, with a rich crema and the strongest and most tasteful flavor.



The Nanopresso Protective Case is made of durable EVA material and soft fabric interior lining. It helps protect the Nanopresso from any bumps, scratches, and dust. With the addition of the protective case, be ready for your next big adventure.



Dimension: 156x71x62 mm / 6.14x2.8x2.44 in

Weight: 336 g / 0.74 lb

Water capacity: 80 ml / 2.70 fl oz

Ground capacity: 8 g / 0.28 oz

Max. pressure: 18 bar / 261 psi



Nanopresso, protective case, built-in espresso cup, filter basket, scoop, brush, pouch, warranty card, stickers, and multi-language instruction book



If you're not pleased with your purchase, just contact us within 30 days, and we will give you a refund or replacement.


** Third-party brand with no link to WACACO Company Limited.

EAN: 0601263233923

Package Dimensions: 7.4 x 3.3 x 3.2 inches


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